Leonard and Zelda’s intimate wedding was held at La Dolce Vita, with Wilinda Spyseniering responsible for the detailed decor and the scrumptious food. The day was as windy as they come in the Swartland which made the photographers task a little more difficult than usual. With an extra can of hairspray ready, we ventured outside to utilize the beautiful scenery that Vleidam guest house had to offer. When the time came for the ceremony, we were used to the wind and focused our attention on the lovely couple. The groomsmen dubbed Leonard by putting a green smiley faced ring in the ring box, derailing Leonard a bit and after a few laughs, they placed Leonards ring on the wrong hand. Luckily the preacher saw this and after his ring was placed on the correct hand, they had an opportunity to seal the deal with another kiss.

This couple and bridal party made my job as easy an as fun as possible. The way Leonard looks into his bride’s eyes as if nothing in the world matters, makes you believe in eternal love and happiness. They share a special connection and from our side we wish them all the love and the happiness they can handle, for the rest of their lives.


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